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AMC Consultants opens an office in Singapore

In 2015, AMC Consultants launched its office in Singapore in order to better serve its clients in Asia. The launch event was well attended by past, current, and prospective clients, as well as representatives from the Australian High Commission and the SGX. 

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Patrick Smith (Managing Director) said that "after six years of regularly visiting Singapore from afar, we feel very welcome to now be a more permanent part of Singapore’s future". Below are five testimonials from clients recorded at the event.

Video testimonials from the launch event:

Video Interview Foong Chong Lek Video Interview Sebastian Jones Video interview with Chang Koon Mong  
Video interview with WH Lim  

The opening of this office is most significant to AMC, as it is the company's first permanent presence in Asia and reflects the growing importance of Asia in AMC’s business model. In addition, it reflects the growing importance of Singapore in the global economy, in the international financial system, and in the mineral, oil, and gas sector. 


 Interview with Foong Chong Lek (Director, Listings - SGX)


Speech by Patrick Smith (Managing Director - AMC) 



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