We help our clients maximize the potential of their new projects and existing operations through the application of practical, sound, metallurgical advice. 

Metallurgical Expertise 

Our metallurgical expertise is offered in the context of our overall ability to assess, evaluate, design, and optimize the whole mineral resource enterprise. Our metallurgical personnel have a wide range of commodity experience and have the ability to facilitate their clients in the translation of business improvement strategies into formal, actionable projects, and to coach and support project leaders to successfully deliver declared outcomes. AMC personnel have significant experience in the smelting and electro-refining of base metals and the capability to provide the full range of study and corporate services in the hydrometallurgical field - with experts in leaching, bio‑oxidation, high-pressure hydrometallurgy, solvent extraction, and electrowinning. Technical and financial evaluation of projects and operating plants is an area of specialist skill.

Metallurgical Innovation

Our strength lies in our ability to take an integrated, whole-enterprise view of each project. The AMC database of mine operating data includes metallurgical parameters that permit quantitative, operating-cost benchmarking of metallurgical performance compared to equivalent operations. AMC personnel use their experience and analytic tools to understand current performance, determine the real drivers of the process, and propose sound, practical strategies for optimization of the business outcome.


Metallurgical Services

  • Reviewing existing safety management systems
  • Developing and implementing systems and documentation tailored to specific site requirements 
  • Undertaking metallurgical components of scoping definition studies including development of processing concepts and design and management of metallurgical testwork programmes
  • Providing metallurgical components of pre-feasibility studies including design and management of metallurgical testwork programmes and development and mass balancing of flowsheet options
  • Providing expert and specialist reports for regulatory authorities
  • Conducting due diligence assessments for debt funding, acquisitions and disposals
  • Providing valuations of development projects and mining operations including processing plant and equipment
  • Providing advice on pyrometallurgical treatment of mineral processing concentrates, particularly copper and nickel

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