Feasibility Studies

AMC manages and coordinates studies ranging from scoping definition through to feasibility. It provides its valued clients with accurate and timely reports. 

AMC provides this service across surface and underground mining projects in commodities ranging from base metals to gold and uranium, iron ore to mineral sands, and coal to diamonds. 

Feasibility Studies Expertise

AMC offers technical expertise and experience gained on more than 7,500 projects. AMC has worked on large and small projects in more than 100 countries throughout six of the seven continents. Our geological, geotechnical and mine engineering specialists are supported by specialists from disciplines including mineral processing and civil, electrical and environmental engineering. 

Feasibility Studies Innovation

AMC utilizes up-to-date mine design and scheduling software and analysis techniques for studies, supplemented with innovative tools such as: 

  • The Cellular Automation Method for modelling granular flow of cave material 
  • The Hill of Value project optimizer to optimize cut-off grades, production rates and project financials 
  • Cave mixing models to estimate SLC cave production 
  • MineOpSim to simulate mining activities
  • The Life of Business Optimization System (LOBOS) for mine optimization
  • OPMincost for first principles cost-estimation models for open-pit mining

Feasibility Studies Services

AMC's conceptual and feasibility studies provide our clients with information to make informed decisions about scale, scope and viability of mining projects.

These services include: 

  • Evaluation of mining concepts, mining methods and production rates
  • Cut-off grade estimation
  • Pit optimizations and designs
  • Underground layout designs for stoping, access and infrastructure
  • Ventilation studies
  • Backfill evaluation
  • Capital and operating cost estimates
  • Physicals and costs schedules
  • Environmental approvals requirements, strategy, timing and costs
  • Benchmarking

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