About AMC

About AMC

AMC Consultants is a leading mining consultancy serving the exploration, mining and financial sectors. AMC works with its clients to plan new mines or improve the operations of existing mines, with a focus on achieving optimal output and return. Its strength lies in the convergence of its people, its proprietary information and its independence. These complement the energy, intellect and experience that AMC applies in providing its clients with innovative solutions.


With eight offices globally—across Australia, Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom—unique tools to assist clients to maximize the value of their mining operations, and the collective expertise of more than 170 staff, many of whom are global leaders in their fields, AMC is a fully-integrated, full-service provider. With significant experience across exploration, geotechnical engineering, geology, metallurgy, mining engineering, backfill, ventilation, feasibility studies, strategy optimization, technical audits, appraisals, expert reports, business improvement and international resource reporting standards, AMC is known for providing innovative, practical solutions based on operational experience, industry insight and up-to-date performance data. AMC offers collective experience, independence, global reach and innovative solutions to assist its clients to develop their projects to the levels of success that they are seeking. 

AMC staff are highly experienced technical professionals and industry leaders. They act on The AusIMM and AIG committees, The AusIMM Board in Australia, CIM in Canada, and MinSouth in the UK. Four AMC staff members are present or former directors of The AusIMM, and one had two terms as President. The current president of MinSouth is an AMC employee. AMC people have also played a pivotal role in the development of the JORC and VALMIN Codes through membership of their committees and of the Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO). They have also lectured in mining, geotechnical and geology courses globally, and are active presenters of innovative technical papers and short courses at mineral industry conferences. Many have been chapter authors for technical publications by The AusIMM and the SME, and technical reviewers of textbooks and technical papers.

AMC is dedicated to the business of mining.


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